Apizza Scholls

A pizza shop

Salads - (For to-go, dressings are on the side only)

Caesar Salad - $14 - Whole leaf romaine, parmigiano-reggiano, house made croutons, with our house Caesar dressing *
*(made daily with raw, un-pasteurized eggs)*
** Request anchovies if you’d like for $2.50. (served on the side)**

House Salad - $12 - Mixed Greens/romaine, Greek black olives, mushrooms, red onion, carrots, radish, cherry tomatoes & Grana Padano cheese with red wine vinaigrette dressing

Side of Olives with pits - $5
Castelvetrano Green olives


It’s – It Ice Cream Sandwich - $4
Vanilla or Mint flavored ice cream, sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies and dunked in chocolate.
THE Original San Francisco Treat!

Calzones (Monday - Thursday Only, until sold out)

The Neapolitan - $16
Ricotta, fresh & aged mozzarella, julienned sopressata, pecorino/grana padano blend, EV olive oil & lite black pepper on the inside. Tomato sauce baked on top with more goodies from the inside.
1-4oz sauce served on the side.
- CAN BE WITHOUT MEAT. No Build your own available.

Build your own Pie - 18" pizza toppings - We can 1/2 & 1/2 any pie.

*No more than three (3) ingredients per pie, including no more than two (2) meats per pie * (anchovies, garlic, basil, Mike’s Hot Honey, & arugula do not count towards the limit) -** We charge the more expensive side of 1/2 & 1/2’s **

All pies are 18 inches & baked on the darker side. — Request bake lighter/darker if you prefer, or NO CUT, Double Cut.

Plain Pie + $ per ingredient/sides

$3 - Veggies & others:
Arugula (dressed & served on the side only, for you to top @home), Black Olives*, Fresh Basil ($2), Fresh Garlic ($1), Fresh Mozzarella (Fior di Latte),
Green Olives*, Green Bell Peppers,
Hot sliced cherry peppers, Jalapeño (fresh), Mushrooms (fresh), Niçoise Olives*, Pineapple (canned), Red Onion, Ricotta, extra Sauce ($2) & Whole milk mozzarella
*Olives may contain pit pieces…we do our best to double check *

$5 - Meats & others
Anchovies, Ezzo Pepperoni, House cured Canadian bacon, House Meatballs, House Sausage, Hot Sopressatta, Mama Lil’s peppers (mildly spicy),
Mike’s Hot Honey,Olympic Provisions Cotto Salami & Truffle Oil
$6 - Olympic Provisions Capicola,
** our house cured bacon nor our pesto is not offered for BYO toppings **

18” House Pies — We can 1/2 & 1/2 any pie
& can do any
without cheese. ** We charge the more expensive side of 1/2 & 1/2’s **
No substitutions - that would be BYO

Plain Pie - $24
Tomato sauce, mozzarella (whole milk & fresh), grana padano/pecorino romano & extra virgin olive oil

Amatriciana - $28
Whole milk mozzarella,
grana padano, lite tomato sauce/chili flake/herbs/garlic, House cured Bacon & red onions.

Apizza Margherita - $26
Our spin, on the classic Margherita
Tomato sauce, mozzarella (whole milk & fresh),
grana padano/pecorino romano, lite fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil & fresh basil after bake.
Add anchovies for $4.00 more & make it a

Apizza Amore - $31
Margherita plus Olympic Provisions Capicola (cured pork shoulder)

Bacon Bianca – $ 28
Whole milk mozzarella, grana padano/pecorino romano, lots of fresh garlic, herbs, black pepper, EV olive oil & our house cured bacon. *NO Sauce*

Diablo Blanco – $ 30
Plain Pie without the sauce, ricotta, roasted tomato pesto (Roasted tomatoes, toasted pumpkin seeds,
cilantro, garlic, salt, pepper), herbs, black pepper, & fresh Jalapeño *NO Sauce*

Marinara - $19 - (Vegan pie)

Sauce, lite garlic, mixed herbs, chili flake, black pepper, EV olive oil, finished with sea salt & dressed Arugula (Arugula served on the side for you to top at home)
*No Cheese *

Meatball & Onion - $30

Plain pie + our house meatballs & red onions.

New York White Pie - $28
Mozzarella (whole milk & fresh),
grana padano/pecorino romano , ricotta, lots of fresh garlic, herbs, black pepper, EV olive oil – add sauce for no charge & make it a New York Red.

Paulie Gee - $32
Plain Pie + Hot Soppressata, ricotta, Sicilian oregano, garlic, …..fresh basil & Mikes Hot Honey after bake .

Pepperoni, Sausage & Mushroom - $32 - Plain pie + all of the things.

Pig & Pineapple - $30
Our Plain pie plus house cured, smoked Canadian bacon, red onions & pineapple
**Make it a PB&J for the same price. (Canadian Bacon, Pineapple & Jalapeños)**

Salami & Green Olive - $30
Whole milk mozzarella, lite tomato sauce,
grana padano/pecorino romano , EV olive oil, Olympic Provisions Cotto Salami & cracked green olives.

Sausage & Mama - $31
Plain pie plus House made sausage & Mama Lil’s Kick Butt goat horn peppers (Spicyish)

Surf & Turf - $30 - Plain pie + House made Sausage & Anchovies.

Tartufo2 The Electric Boogaloo - $30
Mozzarella (whole milk & fresh), Ricotta, mushrooms,
grana padano, with Truffle Oil and sea salt. *No Sauce*

*** OLD Tartufo - $26 - (whole milk & fresh) grana padano/pecorino romano, with Truffle Oil and sea salt. *No Sauce* ***

The Moxie - $32 - Plain pie + Pepperoni, HOT Peppers & black olives - our daughters favorite combo.

** Sides of Mike’s Hot Honey, ranch OR Habanero ranch, & Secret Aardvark Habanero sauce available, please request while ordering ** $2 & up….

Mike’s Hot Honey 12 oz. bottle - $20

CANS of Sodas $2.25 Aranchiata San Pelligrino ($3) RC Cola, Diet Rite, Squirt, 7up, Diet 7up, A&W Cream Soda, A&W Root Beer,
Polar Seltzer Water, Sunkist Orange, Vernors Ginger Soda.
Apple juice ($3)

Draft Beers & Cider

Radeberger Pilsner
Montavilla East Glisan Mosaic IPA
Breakside Wanderlust IPA
Rosenstadt Kölsch

FinnRiver Pear Cider (12oz)
Son of Man Sargado Cider (12oz)

COLD Cans o' Beer & Cider. (may or not be in stock)

Anderson Valley Ros
é Gose
Bale Breaker Hazy L IPA
Buoy Cream Ale
Buoy Czech Pilsner
Ecliptic Capella Porter
pFriem IPA
pFriem Pale
pFriem Pilsner
Son of Man ‘Beti’ Basque style Cider

Two Roots Helles - N/A

15 oz
Son of Man Basajaun Cider

Breakside Wanderlust IPA

Fort George IPA
Portland Cider Co - Apple
Occidental K
Old German Lager
Rosenstadt Helles
Rosenstadt Dunkel
Rosenstadt Weissbier

Old Speckled Hen
Radeberger Pilsner
Stiegl Radler

Bottled Beer

12 0z. bottles
Hitachino Nest White Ale
North Coast Imperial Stout

Bottled Cider

750 ML (25.3oz)
Son of Man - ‘Sargado’ Basque-style cider 2019 vintage. “Fresh & bright with notes of lemon peel, honeydew & tarragon”



House Red – (Italy)
Barbera d’Asti – Araldica (Italy)
Dark cherries, plum & spice. Light to medium body – light tannins with a lingering bite.

Chianti – San Felice (Italy)
Bright Bing cherry aromas with an earthy streak through firmly structured finish.

Langhe Rosso – G.D. Vajra (Italy)
Brisk & lively ~ Chewy cherry, loganberry & cassis fruit core with long finish marked by notes of menthol & clove.

Montepulciano – La Quercia (Italy)
Vibrant red that is both savory and juicy~ Dark cherry fruit with slight black pepper finish.

Nero d’Avola – Cantine Colosi (Italy)
Aromas of black berries, & Mediterranean sunbaked earth. Juicy black cherry, raspberry jams & white pepper notes with smooth tannins.

Pinot Noir – David Hill (OR)
Berries & dark cherries with soft tannins.


House White (Italy)
Pinot Griggio –Pizzolato (IT)


Rosé Prosecco Brut - (IT) Acinicum
Prosecco - (IT) Acinicum

Rosabella Ros
é - (IT) G.D. Vajra

*18% service fee on all orders for our staff*
*20% service fee on orders of 4 or more pies for our staff*
20% service fee on tables of 6 or more.

Pasted Graphic 3
Caesar with whole leaf romaine…


THE one & only It’s-It!

Pasted Graphic 4
Surf & Turf…

Pasted Graphic 3
Pepperoni, sausage & mushrooms

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 2.28.09 PM
12 ounce bottle of Mike’s Hot Hone

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Fanzine IPA

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