Apizza Scholls

Our pizza shop

Apizza Scholls
4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR 97215


4pm - 8:15pm

18” Pies To-go orders only
Please see our updated
menu page prior to calling in, or walking in for an order. If you’re going to walk-in for a to-go, we recommend you come in on the early side Friday - Sunday (before 5:30pm).

We answer the phones beginning at 3pm for a scheduled pick up time after 4pm - in 15 minute time slots. If it goes into VM immediately, try calling again. Do not leave a VM with your order as we are unable to check VM during production.

Please follow the CDC Physical Distancing guidelines &
Please remember to wear your mask while picking up.
And of 6/24/20 Masks are mandated.

We do not see our pizzeria open for in-house dining anytime soon.

*18% Auto-Gratuity on all orders*
*20% Auto-Gratuity on orders of 4 or more pies*

Please see our Twitter account for sold out or emergency closure related notices.


Pepperoni & Mush

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