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Dinner & Drinks

Salads - Currently offered with dressings on the side only.

Caesar Salad - $11 - Whole leaf romaine, parmigiano-reggiano, house made croutons, tossed in our house Caesar dressing *
*(made daily with raw, un-pasteurized eggs)*
** Request anchovies on the side, if you’d like.**

House Salad - $9 - Mixed greens, mushrooms, red onion, black olives, carrots, sliced radish & grana padano with our red wine vinaigrette.


Bowl of Olives with pits - $5
Niçoise, Saracena and Herbed Sicilian

Build your own Pie (BYO) - 18" pizza - We can 1/2 & 1/2 any pie.

*No more than three (3) ingredients per pie, including no more than two (2) meats per pie * (anchovies, garlic, basil & arugula do not count towards the limit)

All pies are 18 inches & baked on the darker side.

Plain Pie + $ per ingredient/sides
$4 - Meats & others - Olympia Provisions Capicola, Mama Lil’s Hot Peppers, Truffle Oil, Pepperoni, House cured Canadian bacon, House made Meatballs, House made Sausage, OP Cotto Salami, Anchovies
** our house Bacon is not offered for BYO toppings **

$3 - Veggies & others: Arugula, Fresh Garlic ($1),
Fresh Basil ($2), Fresh Mozzarella (Fior di Latte), Greek Black Olives*, Green Olives*, Ni
çoise Olives, Jalapeño, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Red Onion, Ricotta, Tomato sauce, & Whole milk Mozzarella
*Olives may contain pits or partial pieces*

House Pies — We can 1/2 & 1/2 any pie
& can do any
without cheese.
No substitutions - that would be BYO

Plain Pie - $21
Tomato sauce, mozzarella (whole milk & fresh), grana padano & extra virgin olive oil

Amatriciana - $26
Whole milk mozzarella,
grana padano, lite sauce/chili flake/herbs/garlic, House cured Bacon & red onions.

Apizza Margherita - $23
Our spin on the classic Margherita
Tomato sauce, mozzarella (whole milk & fresh),
grana padano, fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil & fresh basil after bake.
Add Scalia anchovies for $2.00 more & make it a

Apizza Amore - $27
Margherita plus Capicola (cured pork shoulder)

Bacon Bianca – $ 25
Whole milk mozzarella, grana padano, lots of fresh garlic, herbs, black pepper, EV olive oil & our house cured bacon. *NO Sauce*

Diablo Blanco – $ 27
Plain Pie without the sauce, ricotta, roasted tomato pesto (Roasted tomatoes, toasted pumpkin seeds,
cilantro, garlic, salt, pepper), herbs, black pepper, & fresh Jalapeño *NO Sauce*

Marinara - $19 - (Vegan pie)
Sauce, lite garlic, mixed herbs, chili flake, black pepper, EV olive oil, finished with sea salt & Arugula.
*No Cheese *

Meatball & Onion - $27

Plain pie + our house meatballs & red onions.

New York White Pie - $25
Mozzarella (whole milk & fresh),
grana padano, ricotta, lots of fresh garlic, herbs, black pepper, EV olive oil – add sauce for no charge & make it a New York Red.

Pig & Pineapple - $27
Our house plain pie plus house cured, smoked Canadian bacon, red onions & pineapple
**Make it a PB&J for the same price. (Canadian Bacon, Pineapple & Jalapeños)**

Salami & Green Olive - $27
Whole milk mozzarella, lite tomato sauce,
grana padano, EV olive oil, Olympia Provisions Cotto Salami & cracked green olives.

Sausage & Mama - $27
Plain pie plus House made sausage & Mama Lil’s Kick Butt goat horn peppers (Spicyish)

Surf & Turf - $27 - Plain pie + House made Sausage & Anchovies.

Tartufo2 The Electric Boogaloo - $27
Mozzarella (whole milk & fresh), Ricotta, mushrooms,
grana padano, with Truffle Oil and sea salt. *No Sauce*

The Moxie - $28 -
Plain pie + Pepperoni, HOT Peppers & black olives - our daughters favorite combo.

** Sides of ranch available, please request while ordering **


It’s – It Ice Cream Sandwich - $3.5
Vanilla or Mint ice cream, sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies and dunked in chocolate.

CANS of Sodas $1.50
RC Cola, Diet Rite, Squirt, Diet Squirt, 7up, Diet 7up, A&W Cream Soda, A&W Root Beer , Sunkist & Vernors Ginger Soda.

Bottled Water $ 3 per bottle Lurisia Carbonated 500 ml

San Pellegrino Limonata or Aranchiata $3 per can

GROWLERS - $8 for our in house 32 ounce jug & $15 for our in house 64 ounce jug.

Upright - Supercool IPA (OR)
Breakside - Apizza ALT (OR)
Breakside Wanderlust IPA (OR)
Rosenstadt Scwarzbier (OR)
Radeberger Pilsner (GER)
Everybody's Brewing - Lemon Ginger Sour Ale (WA)

Cans o' Beer - may or my not be cold - nor in stock

54-40' Kolsch
Buoy Cream
Portland Cider Co - Apple
Sunriver Fuzztail Hefe

Guinness Irish Stout

16oz. - 16.9
Old Town Hazy IPA
Old Speckled Hen
Old German
Stiegl Radler

Bottled Beer

11.2 oz
Duchesse Belgian Sour

12 0z. bottles
Clausthaler N.A.
Franziskaner Weissbier
Hitchino White Ale
North Coast Imp. Stout

16.9 0z
Ancestry Irish Red
Aspall Blush Cider
pFriem IPA
Schneiderweiss Edel Weiss

18.7 0z
Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout
Samuel Smith Taddy Porter

22 0z - Seasonal
Breakside Passionfruit Sour
Breakside Salted Caramel Stout

Red Wine

House Red (Sangiovese blend) (Italy)
Barbera D’Alba – Reverdito (Italy)
Montepulciano - Vignafranca (Italy)
Chianti – Colli Senesi (Italy)
Langhe Rosso - G.D. Vajra - (Italy)

White Wine

House White - (Italy)
Pinot Grigio - (Italy)

Bubbles & Rose

Rosato - Rosa del Golfo (Italy)
Fiore Rose - Clara C - (Italy)

Bottle only

Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore - Lonardi – 2012 (Italy) Chianti Classico Riserva – Castello Della Paneretta – 2012 (Italy)
Barbaresco - Cantina del Pino - 2011 (Italy)
Barolo “Castagni”- Reverdito – 2011 (Italy) Pinot Noir “Anne Amie Vineyards – 2011 (OR)

Pasted Graphic 3
Caesar with whole leaf romaine…

Pasted Graphic 4
Surf & Turf…

Pasted Graphic 3
BYO …Pepperoni, sausage & mushrooms

THE one & only It’s-It!


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